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Dear Sheltered (Dramatic Monologue Poem)

origami rose purchase today for just a dollar.

treat/yourself/treat your lover we are not promised tomorrow!

hire me i’m qualified, i assure you, you will be satisfied!

no address, no smart phone, on my application i lied.

shower gyms, grocery store samples, grateful for that aid

dumpster dive time

Goat Feathers café serves patrons margaritas with lemon lime.

shops full of holiday treats, half-eaten sandwich on the street

three-time divorcee, child support, alimony my sad defeat

My heart is torn.

brittle bone bench bed

blue sapphire jacket worn.

tingle, jingle bell in my head

origami is my trade, solicit strangers to get paid.

p.s. Jimmy the homeless guy speaks in first person to the sheltered and references to himself in third person. He creates origami flowers for extra cash which is symbolic of his kindheartedness, although he’s prejudged because of his situation.

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